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A Passion for Science and A Deep Respect for Nature.

We have always approached skincare believing that nature holds the best medicine. That belief, in conjunction with over 150 years of skin science and research, gives us a unique advantage in our campaign for healthy skin.

Our products rely on unique combinations and formulations of natural ingredients that work in harmony with the microbiome to improve the quality and health of skin. Results achieved by our customers and clinical tests confirm their efficacy. 

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Blending science & nature for optimal skin wellness and beauty.

What others say about columbia skincare

I love the product. It's my everyday remedy. Seeing beautiful results every time
Elena Chang
As a beauty expert for 8+ years I have tried many brands and serums. This is my first time trying Columbia Skincare and I am already in love.
chloe Mengel
I love when a product claims to help with Fine Lines and signs of aging that really WORKS! This will definitely be a Staple in my skincare routine!
Lara Tabola
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Our Approach

From the very beginning, we have formulated our products by using nature’s most curative ingredients to balance and strengthen the skin microbiome. Most companies have addressed skincare as a cosmetic issue and not as the essential health issue that is at its core. We’re changing that paradigm.

The Science

Our products support the epidermal renewal process by utilizing a combination of commensal bacterial lysates, plant stem cell extracts, vitamins and amino acids. These proprietary compounds support the quality of cell cohesion with the lower part of the stratum corneum and the stratum compactum, restoring elasticity and luminosity to the skin.


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