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Probiotic Concentrate &
Probiotic Complex

Begin using these products as directed for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with the results obtained from using Columbia Probiotic Concentrate and Complex, simply return the unused portion to us and receive a full *refund on your purchase price.

*See details for participation in the 30 day challenge. Products must be returned in their original carton with proof of purchase. Offer expires on 5/31/2020


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Dermatologist Recommended

Our 2 step topical probiotics work together to provoke an immune reaction, resulting in healthier, more resilient and younger looking skin! The Probiotic Concentrate penetrates deeper into the skin, while the Probiotic Complex seals and protects.

Check out our instructional video – Columbia Step by Step

Probiotic Concetrate – Step 1

Our Probiotic Concentrate is a unique blend of probiotics, plant stem cells and peptides which intensify and enhance the skin’s renewal process. Apply a drop the size of a pea onto your fingertips (ring and middle) and gently press into the skin of the face and neck. Use daily (AM & PM). Perfect for all skin types and for rosacea, acne, eczema and dermatitis.


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Columbia Probiotic Complex – STEP 2

Luxurious and silky, its formulation effectively enhances the most important biological feature in aging skin: it’s ability to renew itself. Warm a small amount between your fingertips (ring and middle finger). Dab on face to soften, then spread. The texture of the complex is transforming, and is suitable for dry or oily skin. Use daily (AM & PM) for an all-over treatment for all skin types including skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema and dermatitis. Can be used alone or with the Columbia Probiotic Concentrate as a complete treatment protocol.

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