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Be A Good Host – Your Microbiome Will Thank You

What’s your microbiome you ask? Okay, let me explain. Our bodies are inhabited by entire communities of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous tiny creatures that feed off of us. Think of your body as an independent ecosystem, with land masses, forests, water and vegetation that helps trillions of different “residents” survive in and on your ecosystem. Even 90% of your skin’s surface is covered with these various occupants. This is our microbiome.

The microbiome plays a key role is some very important bodily functions. It assists with immune system regulation, mental health and digestion. Though we are only at the beginning of understanding what other roles the microbiome plays in the body, it is clear that our microbiome does affect our health. In fact, most of what is living inside and outside of us actually help keep us alive and well.

Our Skin Flora

The skin microbiome or the skin flora, lives on us, rather than inside of us and it may be the most diverse of the microbial sites. When healthy, the skin microbiome can act as a protective barrier to skin infections and other skin ailments. Its imbalance can cause everything from eczema and dandruff to acne. Therefore, it is important for us to try and maintain a balanced skin microbiome to insure the skin is healthy and functioning properly.

Staying in Balance

How can I help keep my microbiome in balance you ask? One thing for sure is to limit the amount of antibiotics you put into your system. Try to avoid overuse of sanitizers and other antibacterial cleansers which actually destroy the healthy bacteria that help protect us from illness and disease. Instead, concentrate on increasing your exposure to healthy bacteria by eating foods like vegetables and fruit. It is especially helpful to eat fermented foods including pickled veggies, sauerkraut and yogurt.

You should also consider adding a daily dose of health and wellness to your skin by including prebiotic and probiotic creams, cleansers and serums to your daily skincare regimen. The difference on your skin will be felt and seen readily. At Columbia Skincare our research teams have been studying the science of skincare for over a century. Our products are the result of this knowledge and understanding. Remember, healthy skin is beautiful skin.



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