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A message to skincare professionals from our CEO…

Our mission since the founding of this Company in 1871 has been to develop substantive products using the highest quality ingredients and combining science and
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The Search for Youthful Skin

For centuries, women have been seeking a miracle solution to aging skin. They have spent (and continue to spend) billions of dollars each year on
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The Science of Microbiome Friendly Skincare

Microbiome Friendly Skin Care Products and the Science Behind Them The microbiome, along with the acid mantel of the skin, is a critical part of
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Climate Change and Your Skin

Just as we adjust our wardrobes as the seasons change, our bodies and our skin’s microbiome must adjust to climate change as well. Our skin
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Don’t Let Acne Spoil The Party This Summer

Acne is one of the most common, frustrating, and annoying skin conditions effecting people of all ages. It is a highly personal nuisance, and most
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Protect Your Skin’s Microbiome This Summer

The start of summer is upon us and while the warmer temperatures, longer days and extra sunshine are a welcome change, the new season also
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Balancing Your Microbiome: A New Approach To Skin Care

How Topical Probiotics Can Benefit Your Skin The skincare industry has been essentially unchanged for generations. It has addressed skincare as a cosmetic and not
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The Science of Aging Skin

Aging skin is basically the result of two naturally occurring processes which the skin sustains over the course of a lifetime. These are glycation and
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What is Health and Wellness?

Health and wellness is a lifestyle, a lifestyle so pervasive that it has developed into its own economy.  In the health and wellness world, honesty
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A Year End Message from our CEO

I think it is reasonable to state that the year 2020 will be remembered as among the most challenging years this planet has faced in
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“Thanksgiving In A Pandemic”

Thanksgiving and the pandemic sound like a contradiction in terms. A plague is ravaging our planet. What have we to be grateful for? Quite a
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Please join with us in the Celebration of the fifth annual One Health Day

November 3, 2020, marks the fifth annual One Health Day, a global campaign that celebrates and brings attention to the need for a One Health
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