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Climate Change and Your Skin

Just as we adjust our wardrobes as the seasons change, our bodies and our skin’s microbiome must adjust to climate change as well. Our skin serves many purposes, including the regulation of body temperature, sensory perception, and immune system surveillance. It also provides barrier protection for our other organs and it supports the functions immunological and metabolic systems. Seasonal changes in the environment have the potential to change the functional relationship between our skin and its microbiome.

The Effects of Climate Change on Your Skin

While there have been few studies to determine how climate change alters the health of our skin, we do know that drier environmental conditions increase the permeability of the epidermis. Cold temperatures and dry conditions have been linked to a higher rate of skin irritations. Furthermore, we have learned that sebum levels are likely to be higher during warmer months. Daily skin exposure to a low-humidity environment induces a lower water content in the stratum corneum and accentuates fine wrinkles related to skin dryness.

Protecting Your Skin from Environmental Damage

As a result of more dramatic changes in the environment due to climate change, it becomes important for a climate conscious skin care product company, to consider developing seasonal variations and incorporate global climate factor change specific to the geographical zone as another important consideration for consumers. However, since this is highly impractical as it would present logistical nightmares for both the product and the consumers who use the product, we have developed a more logical solution.

Columbia SkinCare’s microbiome friendly products have been carefully developed after many years of research into ingredients and their ability to potentiate with each other. While we have not yet produced a product that can “change” with the seasons, we have created our products to provide the maximum results obtainable in all climates and environments, and effective for use anywhere and anytime for all skin types.



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