doctor with mask

The coronavirus has changed life around the world, dramatically. It continues to do so each day. There are places where the peak is still to come, and other places where there is already a soft way back to normality. Some people think that we are all experiencing the challenges equally. This is not accurate. Instead, I believe we are all going through an upheaval in our lives, but we are approaching our challenges differently and these disparate  paths lead to different consequences. By working together, we are more likely to find the best way to reach the goal of a healthier and safer world.

The collective global challenges being faced has demonstrated there is much yet to be learned from this experience. I feel strongly that we cannot expect to experience “business as usual” ever again. While the “new” business models remain a work in progress, there are very definitive changes now forming. 

Virtual meetings will become a larger contributor to communication in business, education, and even socializing. There are and will continue to be many adjustments in how we even meet and greet our business acquaintances, friends, and even our loved ones.  

The field of science has a large role to play during this historic moment in time, as it does with all things in life. Researchers are working on new solutions to manage the containment of viruses. Others are working on vaccines to prevent future viruses from overtaking world populations. Our team of scientists are working closely with their colleagues in this country and elsewhere to help make the future safer, cleaner, and healthier for all of us.

As we continue to prepare for next year when we will celebrate our 150th birthday as an independent family owned business, we have had to make some significant adjustments resulting from the severity of the impact the coronavirus has had  on our Company. New product releases have been postponed and some even cancelled. However, there is much good news to talk about as well.

Our Company will soon be announcing a strategic alliance, which could have a significant impact on the future of healthcare in this country. Yes, this alliance will help us expand our footprint beyond skincare not in the traditional sense, but we will have the opportunity to help improve the care provided to millions of Americans through the technology of Telehealth. The decision for our Company to embark on this new path to wellness reflects our longstanding interests in wellness.

Our years of membership in the One Health Alliance has helped us connect with some of the most dedicated scientists and physicians throughout the world and we have learned the importance of partnerships in helping us encounter the challenges of today.

The Science component to our Telehealth system is cutting edge and completely innovative, authentic, and field tested. I warmly invite you to stay tuned for further information and be among the first to learn of this historical alliance.

In addition, the Company is putting an enormous effort into expanding the level of education and science outreach to our trading partners and the general public as well. As we prepare to offer new products in the year ahead, it is more important now than ever before to be sure that the ultimate users of our products, the consuming public is fully informed on the benefits of the technologies as well as the ingredients that are in our products.

The day will come when this pandemic will be thought of in the past tense. In the meantime, we will continuer our efforts to provide safe and effective products to you while also working towards the improvement of healthcare for all.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Columbia SkinCare Team