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We See Skincare Differently

“We see skincare differently”. This is not just a phrase created by an advertising agency for us. It is actually the reason we have been a family owned and operated entity for over 150 years. Our loyal customers have been with us for many generations and the reason is a very simple one – our products.

Six years ago, we introduced one of the first topical products incorporating probiotic lysates to enhance the skin microbiome and restore vitality and health to aging skin. These products were developed over fifteen years of extensive research and testing. They have been well received by dermatologists and other skincare professionals who continue to use them successfully in treatment protocols.

With literally thousands of companies offering skincare products, we stand alone in how we view caring for damaged skin and maintaining healthy skin. The truth is that many skincare products being sold today are either ineffective or they may not work at all. Some skincare products that people use can actually cause harm to their skin. Typically this is because these products do not contain the proper ingredients or the ingredients are not used in sufficient proportions.

Most consumers do not realize just how exact a science it is to create safe and effective skincare products. Our success has been based years and years of accumulating scientific knowledge and our unsurpassed understanding of nature’s best curative ingredients from which we create innovative products that just simply work.

Understanding the skin’s microbiome

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it has its own microbiome. Our skin is the body’s first level of defense against the external environment. It also helps to:

  • regulate our body temperature
  • protect us from infections and trauma
  • provides us with the sense of touch.

Your skin is the host to millions of different organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi, most of which help to keep us healthy. The combination of all these microorganisms comprise your skin’s microbiome.

Skin conditions including eczema, acne, and rosacea have now been linked to an imbalance in the skin’s microbiome. Advances in technology have allowed us to examine diseased skin in greater detail than ever before. While the skin microbiome is a relatively new term to most people, we have been studying the microbiome for decades. Our extensive work in this area has helped us to develop products which greatly improve how we can protect our skin’s health.

Many skincare products used today actually reduce the population of resident bacteria on the skin. This is counterintuitive to maintaining a healthy skin microbiome. Columbia Skincare products are designed to increase the diversity of the microbiota on the skin. Clinical research has confirmed the efficacy and safety of our probiotic skincare products. These are compelling reasons to use microbiome friendly products in your daily skincare regimen.

Columbia SkinCare….We see skincare differently.



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