body microbiome

Did you know that your body is hosting millions of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa? In fact, these microorganisms cover nearly 90% of the surface area of your body. Don’t panic; most of these microorganisms are helpful to your well-being. They comprise your skin microbiome.

Your skin microbiome is just one of the various microbiomes of the body which also include the gut microbiome and the oral microbiome. The skin microbiome or skin flora lives on us, rather than inside of us and it may be the most diverse of the microbial sites. When healthy, the skin microbiome can act as a protective barrier to skin infections and other skin ailments.

The good bacteria contained on our skin is referred to as the “resident” bacteria and the bad bacteria is referred to as “transient” bacteria. Resident bacteria are vital to:

the proper development of the immune system
• protect against microorganisms that can cause disease
• maintaining skin vitality

When the skin’s microbiome gets thrown off balance, the transient bacteria can proliferate while the resident bacteria die off, leading to irritation, sensitivity, inflammation, acne, and worse. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your skin’s microbiome healthy and balanced. The process of keeping your microbiome healthy includes:

proper diet & hydration
• sufficient sleep
• regular exercise
• stress management
• taking good care of your skin

We recommend using probiotics both orally and topically to help maintain a balanced microbiome. If you follow a daily regimen based on all of the above, you will greatly increase the odds of having a healthy microbiome.