The F.C. Sturtevant Company supports the One Health concept and approach

One Health is the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, plants and our environment.”The F.C. Sturtevant Company wholeheartedly stands along with the many thousands of national and international supporter-advocates who share the interest in promoting, improving and defending the health and well-being of all species by enhancing cooperation between physicians, veterinarians and other scientific health and environmental professionals.

The One Health Initiative team and many others worldwide are dedicated to improving the lives of all species, human and animal through the integration of human medicine, veterinary medicine and environmental science. We strongly suggest that readers of this blog visit the website and learn more about how you too can participate in this global effort.

Any allied health scientist, physician, osteopathic physician, veterinarian or interested individual citizen may be added to one and/or both lists by contacting us at c/o Contents Manager.  Please include your curriculum vitae or brief biography, title, degree(s), affiliation, and address consistent with those currently acknowledged as “One Health/One Medicine” supporters.

One Health implementation will help protect and/or save untold millions of lives in our generation and for those to come.

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