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Restoring Your Skin Microbiome

By Colette Brown, Director of Education Columbia Skincare 

Sometimes when looking in the mirror, it reflects the good and the “bad.”  The years of absorbing as many rays of sunshine as possible, harsh weather conditions, skin treatments that were “too aggressive,” neglect of sunscreen, poor diet, and the list goes on. While we do not always see or feel it immediately, long-term neglect will eventually manifest, and when it does it can arouse the desire to figure out how to “fix it.” 

We live in a world of continuous innovation, from evolutionary technologies to medical breakthroughs. With our skin, we follow suit, embracing the latest potions and procedures focused on the symptoms instead of getting to the source. At Columbia Skincare we see skincare differently.  

Strategies of solutions may range from surgery to spa treatments, skincare regimens or at-home remedies. There are different directions in which one can turn, but what is the right direction? Is it possible to reverse the hands of time from the skin? Can we do it naturally? We would like to challenge you to investigate the world of the microbiome. These microorganisms are responsible for producing vitamins, providing a line of defense to protect us against germs, breaks down food for energy, and is greater in number than human cells 

Since science indicates 95% of auto immune diseases arise from an unhealthy gut, or a poor gut microbiome, we know that if it is nurtured it can repair and reverse damage. Since our skin also has its own ecosystem of microbiome, if we can nourish it from the inside-out, and the outside-in we can repair and restore its health.  

How does one restore their skin’s microbiome? It takes the 4 C’s: consciousness, commitment, consistency, and change.  

Step One: Consciousness – Be aware of the root cause of your skin condition. What lead you down the path of needing to reverse damage? Too much sugar, alcohol, no skincare regimen, lack of sleep, poor diet, inconsistent use of sun protection?  

The root cause of skin concerns may simply come down to lack of time or awareness. Look at your schedule and make sure you prioritize time to implement a plan on how to take care of your skin. Can you wake up 30 minutes earlier to make a green drink that will help the health of your gut, and ultimately, skin? Maybe it is going to bed an hour early so your body gets its required 7-9 hours of rest. Can you create a bedtime routine that involves removing screens 2 hours before bed?  

Take some time to read an article about nourishing your gut and skin microbiome. Learn how your microbiome communicates with your body. When we have a better understanding of science, the more resolve we become in our quest for improving our health, if that is our goal. 

Step Two: Commitment – take responsibility for where you are today. Now that you pinpointed what caused your diversion, what can you do to change it? Write down a new routine or modification in areas you identified as needing change. This can look like drinking more water, using a microbiome friendly skincare line, adding good fiber to your diet, reduce alcohol consumption, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals that encourage you. 

When we have good support groups, it helps us in our commitment to make a change. Do you have other friends who are working on progressive aging; specifically caring for their skin? What is working? Share what you learn and encourage others on their journey too. When we engage it creates a network of people that we want to stay accountable to. If you are not seeing progress, you can lean on your group to help troubleshoot on ideas that may help you get a better outcome. 

Step Three: Consistency – The best way to create new habits is doing it every day. Studies show that we need a minimum of 18 days and beyond to make it a new part of our routine. What will help you stay consistent? Is it accountability with a friend or support group?  

When you start a new routine of using nourishing probiotic skincare, such as Columbia Skincare, keep it in a place close to your toothbrush so you will remember to use it morning and night. Sometimes setting an alarm or reminder in your calendar helps to remind you. Eventually seeing the results of your skincare routine and lifestyle change will encourage you to keep going, and this becomes second nature. 

Step Four: Change – Human nature enjoys consistency. When we are looking for transformation, the key to making a difference is change. What can you do today to improve tomorrow? What can you substitute from your diet or lifestyle that will reap the rewards further down the road? If you are targeting acne, begin to swap out inflammatory foods or drink more water. Using microbiome friendly skincare products, will help your skin fight the inflammation too.  

When change is occurring, our old patterns come up and try to sabotage the newfound routine. When this happens, remember why you want this change. Turn to your friends or support group, pull up the scientific data on why you are making an adjustment, or you may simply want to take a walk outside and reset the mind.  

Wayne Dyer says it best, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 

The truth: We cannot go back in time. We cannot fundamentally change the world in which we live. We cannot replace our missing microbes. And we cannot effectively rebuild the incredibly rich and diverse microbiome we once had.  

Transformation and repair can happen, but not without conscious effort and knowledge. If you want to see an improvement in your skin, Columbia Skincare the perfect partner. Our products are scientifically developed to help nourish your microbiome from the outside in. What other changes can you make in your lifestyle that will help facilitate the reversing of outward (and inward) aging? Commit today so you can enjoy the rewards of healthier, glowing skin.  

For more information or to ask us questions regarding this article, please reach out!  



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