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Skin Wellness

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Columbia Skincare

Restorative Hydrating Cream

Dermatologist Recommended

A full body and face system to deeply hydrate, heal and protect.

This cream offers our proprietary technology for enhancing the skin’s hydration process. The formulation includes vitamins, minerals and botanicals which potentiate perfectly, creating a new compound that soothes and heals any skin that has been compromised by the environment or harsh chemicals. Use in conjunction with Columbia Ultimate Skin Repair Cream as a complete skin care system. Best when used after bathing and at bedtime.

Add A Dose Of Health & Wellness To Your Skin Care Regimen

​The skincare industry has been essentially unchanged for generations. It has addressed skincare as a cosmetic issue and not as the essential health issue that is at its core. We’re changing the paradigm. And we’d like you to be a part of it. Let us show you the difference

Ultimate Skin Repair Cream

Dermatologist Recommended

The perfect solution for treating common skin irritations: blemishes, burns and damaged skin.

Our Ultimate Skin Repair Cream may be used to treat all common acne conditions successfully, while leaving your skin properly hydrated.

The proprietary formula effectively restores, heals and protects damaged skin that has been compromised by the environment or harsh chemicals.


Columbia Healing Cream

Clinically Proven to Sooth, Hydrate, and Protect Your Skin

Just dole out a dime sized amount of Columbia Healing Cream on the back of your hand. You’ll see the difference and feel the luxury immediately.

Columbia Healing Cream is perfect for use by people whose daily task contributes to the drying out of their skin

Use as often as needed for best results.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder

First Aid for Your Skin

This iconic product is produced the same way today as it was when we first introduced it in 1877. With over 50 million containers sold, it is a mainstay in medicine chests throughout the world.

Our powder is fragrance free and contains no steroids or antibiotics. It is a natural compound of earthly ingredients that have been proven effective for over a 140 years. It is used and recommended by doctors, health care professionals, and moms & dads everywhere.

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