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The Path to a Healthy Skin Microbiome

Keeping Our Promise..

In 1871 our founder Francis Crayton Sturtevant made a promise to our customers that the Columbia brand would represent three important distinctions from other brands. He promised that Columbia brand products would offer:

Superior efficacy

Safe for daily use and suitable for all skin types

Excellent value to the user

Over the years there have been remarkable changes and innovations in skincare, as manufacturers and product developers have learned much more about how our bodies function and how they interact with their surroundings. As a result, new products have been developed which have made a significant impact on global healthcare.

Research into the human skin microbiome as been the foundation of Columbia SkinCare for over 150 years. More recently, we have expanded our work to learn more about the other human microbiomes and if the various microbiomes communicate with each other. As a result of our extensive research we introduced one of the first formulations for microbiome friendly topical probiotic products. These probiotic formulations have been used in treatment by dermatologists, estheticians and skincare professionals to help rejuvenate aging skin and treat many different skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis and acne vulgaris.

What Goes Into Making The Best Microbiome Friendly Skincare Products

The path to new product development is a long and costly one, with no guarantee of success. For example, identifying the appropriate ingredients and then vetting the sourcing of them and also creating quality control protocols each require careful analysis and team integration. Then there are years of testing the prototype products before they ever get to market.  

As a result of these arduous requirements, many brands today choose to have their products developed by others in order to keep their research and development costs to a minimum. Having an outside contractor provide product development can save quite a bit of time and money for a company. This method allows the brand to chase product “trends” for better or worse. It certainly gives them the ability to put more emphasis on product packaging and advertising.

However, this method of product development also leads to many brands being very similar or even identical to each other. Since the contractor provides an “off the shelf” product to their client, there is little if any differentiation between competing brands. The biggest difference between many brands is the look of the package and the way the product is advertised, not the actual product. That is often why a brand needs to spend so much money on promotions and advertising. While it is important to have a good-looking container with a fancy label, we at Columbia feel it is more important to have a product that delivers on its promise.

New Paradigm Changing Products

The development and production of Columbia’s probiotic products took nearly nine years from start to finish. We worked with scientists and researchers from many different countries in order to better understand how these products would work on different skin types and in different environments. This extensive effort is what assures our customers that we are keeping the promises which were made many years ago.

As we make ready for the new year (our 152nd year in business), we will be introducing some very special new products. These will include a new medicated/antiseptic powder formulation, based on a proprietary excipient which we have developed during the past three years. We will also be introducing a sun protection system which has been created for year-round daily use, and which is unlike any sunscreen product available anywhere else in the world. As with our other products, the Columbia sun protection system has been tested on all skin types, and it will be beneficial to all skin types.

For more than a century and a half our products have been receiving awards from industry leaders as well as accolades from our customers around the world. Our new products will feature the same time tested ingredients of the highest quality, offering safe and effective results that our customers expect from our brand. We want to continue being the brand of choice for all of our loyal customers and we recognize the importance of keeping our promises.



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