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The Search for Youthful Skin

For centuries, women have been seeking a miracle solution to aging skin. They have spent (and continue to spend) billions of dollars each year on serums, cleansers, creams and more hoping each time that this might be the solution that delivers the illusive “fountain of youth”. But, despite the hundreds of products and thousands of claims, women are too often disappointed. And yet, they keep looking. The allure of youthful, radiant skin is too strong. Somewhere, they believe, that with so many technical advances and scientific discoveries there must be a product that can deliver the results they seek.

As America’s oldest skincare company, we are always amazed at the sheer volume of new skincare products introduced every year. We can only imagine just how overwhelmed (or maybe underwhelmed) customers must be. The words “innovative” and “breakthrough” have been used so often that they have almost ceased to have meaning. At Columbia SkinCare our skincare products don’t go to market until we know they will deliver true results to our customers. Results that will give them real satisfaction. Results that make them glow inside and out. So, while a fast product launch for us means every quarter century, you know they will perform as promised.

Blending Science & Nature for Optimal Skin Wellness and Beauty

Columbia SkinCare has always approached skincare believing that nature holds the best medicine. That belief, in conjunction with an unprecedented 150 years of skin science and research, gives us a unique advantage in our campaign for healthy skin. Our products rely on unique combinations and formulations of natural ingredients that work in harmony with the human body to improve the quality and health of skin. Our customers and clinical tests attest to their efficacy. All our products are manufactured and produced in the USA with medical grade ingredients under strict GMP guidelines.

Since our Company’s founding, our focus has remained on developing products for use by doctors, healthcare professionals, and folks needing to treat and improve the condition of skin. Our healing history has led to the discovery of new product formulations and patents that deliver significant improvements in the caring of skin and furthered our founder’s original mission: Provide consumers with premium skincare products that offer superior results.



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