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Seasonal and environmental allergies – Protect your skin

Many of us have experienced seasonal related allergy flair ups resulting in symptoms such as puffy eyes, running nose, itchy and dry skin, rashes, and acne. While these conditions have been previously considered temporary and directly related to changes in the weather, recent studies have confirmed that dramatic and adverse
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Be A Good Host – Your Microbiome Will Thank You

What’s your microbiome you ask? Okay, let me explain. Our bodies are inhabited by entire communities of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous tiny creatures that feed off of us. Think of your body as an independent ecosystem, with land masses, forests, water and vegetation that helps trillions of
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The Value of Natural Medicine

When we become ill, we look for medicine to get better. We hope the medicine will be effective and also that it will be fast-acting. Thus medicines that have been formulated to meet these criteria are what folks want to have handy when they are in need. Unfortunately all too
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