Topical Probiotics: This Changes Everything!

FACT: Skin Changes as it Ages

 Not just the appearance of skin, but skin itself changes.  And yet today’s skincare industry is focused…nay, obsessed…with treating the appearance of changed skin instead of treating the change itself. But addressing the actual aging of skin must be a fool’s errand, n’est-ce pas?  It’s searching for the fountain of youth.  Quixotic, at best.  We thought so, too…until our labs began to study the microbiome.

Skin Rejuvenates & Renews Itself, by Itself

Unless that skin is severely compromised.  Then it doesn’t do these things.   And, as skin ages, its ability to do these things diminishes.  It still does them, but more slowly.  And just like the rest of our parts, the older skin gets, the more slowly it does them. 

The older our skin gets, the less efficient it is at renewal and regeneration…and we get wrinkles, crow’s feet, turkey’s necks, crepe paper, blemishes.  What if a product could address the skin’s efficiency to renew itself instead of the consequences of diminished efficiency?  Wouldn’t that defer or maybe even eliminate the need for anti-aging products, or age defying products or products that make your skin merely look younger than it is?

Healthy Skin Is Beautiful Skin

This is the science and technology bit, but please bear with us.  It’s important for the understanding of our product and brand. As we tested combinations of ingredients that would restore balance and vitality to aging skin we found certain ingredients were better at this than others. 

Of particularly superior efficacy was a specific probiotic (‘good’ bacteria) created specifically for topical use, stem cells from plants and peptides (a kind of amino acid).  As we tested combinations of these all natural ingredients, we found that one in particular effected not only damaged (i.e. burned) skin but healthy skin as well.  It accelerated the ability of healthy skin to renew and rejuvenate itself.  Which, in turn, decelerated the appearance of the effects of aging on the skin and we knew instinctively that….

This Will Change An Industry

The skincare industry has been essentially unchanged for generations.  It has addressed skincare as a cosmetic issue and not as the essential health issue that is at its core. We knew instinctively that a blend of natural ingredients that addressed the need for skincare at its cause rather than its effect would CHANGE EVERYTHING.  So we created it.

There’s Going to be a Disruption in the Skincare Industry

There is about to be a seismic disruption in the skincare industry as we’ve known it forever.  Do you want to lead this change, or follow it?  Do you want to disrupt, or be disrupted? To do nothing is to opt for the latter.  To order, use, and delight your skin is to do the former.  Your choice, isn’t it?

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