woman enjoying health and wellness of sun

Health and wellness is a lifestyle, a lifestyle so pervasive that it has developed into its own economy.  In the health and wellness world, honesty and authenticity are the top priorities.  Everyone knows that the brands and products that compete in this arena are commercial enterprises, but they must not behave that way.  In the health and wellness arena, brands do not create demand, they fulfill demand.  Health and wellness brands do not “sell”, instead they “provide”.  And each health and wellness entry, in every category, travel and hospitality, diet, exercise, clothing, and yes, especially skincare, contributes to a holistic, wellness lifestyle.

How does Columbia Probiotic Concentrate and Probiotic Complex fit in?

Columbia Probiotic products represent, at long last, a health and wellness option in the skincare category.  As its primary active ingredient suggests, the probiotics in Columbia balance the skin’s natural microbiome.  The resulting “rebalance” of skin’s bacterial ecosystem makes the cellular renewal process more efficient and thus makes skin healthier, naturally all by itself. 

How can you best utilize probiotics in your skincare?

Great question.  Because moisturizers alone can not deliver what Columbia products provide it is important to include probiotics in your daily facial care.  Therefore. you may use Columbia skincare products in addition to your current skincare regimen, or you may use them in place of the products you are currently using.  Columbia skincare products help to make your skin healthier and not just provide your face with a temporary “make over”.  As every health and wellness advocate knows, healthy is beautiful, inside and out.  And healthy skin is wellness you can see.

We consider Columbia probiotic products to be the ultimate moisturizing system. A direct consequence of using these products is that in a relatively short period of time, your body will produce more natural collagen and elastin and help promote natural hydration through enhanced skin renewal. You see, healthy skin moisturizes itself, naturally, and not only in the morning and at night, but 24/7.

As part of a holistic health and wellness lifestyle, do not forget to use probiotics when caring for your skin.