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Understanding Skincare: A New Look at an Old-Fashioned Remedy

Medicated powders have been a staple in many households for generations. Often viewed as an old fashioned remedy, these powders are a blend of both traditional knowledge and modern science, offering a myriad of benefits for the skin. These products are important because they offer a variety of benefits for personal care and hygiene. They also provide specific therapeutic effects.

Just about everyone at one time or another has skin that reacts to something. It could be the environment, exposure to certain chemicals or plants, excessive physical exercise, or just plain old allergies. A well formulated medicated powder offers broad spectrum relief from many irritations, and may be used under casts, braces, or other types of bandages to help prevent soreness, redness, and rashes from developing on the affected area.

Here are just a few of the potential benefits medicated body powders can provide:

Relief from skin irritation: medicated powders often contain zinc oxide which can help soothe and relieve skin irritation and minor inflammation.

Prevention of prickly heat and chafing: medicated powders can reduce friction between skin surfaces in body areas prone to rubbing, as well as helping to keep skin cool and dry.

Sunburn and windburn relief: some medicated powders contain ingredients that can provide relief from overexposure to the sun and the discomfort resulting from windburn.

Diaper rash: medicated powders can help treat and prevent diaper rash by keeping the areas dry and protected.

Post-surgical or medical procedures: medicated powders may be used after surgeries or medical procedures to promote healing, reduce friction, and prevent infection.

Navigating The Changing Landscape

The landscape of medicated body powders has encountered shifts in recent times. Medicated salves and creams have gained in popularity due to their ease of application versus traditional “dusting” powders which create a cloud in the air during application. Tubes of creams and salves were also easier to travel with, and convenience seemed to overtake efficacy even though powders  provide a superior healing (dry) environment. More recently, concerns over the quality control of some ingredients used in medicated powders caused some brands to discontinue producing medicated powders altogether.

A New Look

The continuing medicinal need for medicated powders has necessitated a rethinking of formulations and new production techniques.

One pioneering brand that created the first medicated powder is Columbia SkinCare. With a heritage dating back to 1871, Columbia was among the trailblazers in offering medicated body powders. The year 2021 marked the 150th anniversary of their iconic Columbia Antiseptic Powder.

It is with great anticipation and gratification that Columbia Skincare will be introducing this fall a commemorative edition of Columbia Antiseptic Powder. This patent pending updated version of the original formula improves performance while increasing the levels of efficacy and safety.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder will be available for purchase online and at your local independent pharmacy. If you do see it at your favorite pharmacy, please ask your pharmacist to order some for you.  

For further information, you may email info@columbiaskincare.com or write to: Columbia SkinCare, PO Box 607, Bronxville, NY 1070



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