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A message to skincare professionals from our CEO…

Our mission since the founding of this Company in 1871 has been to develop substantive products using the highest quality ingredients and combining science and nature with innovation for use by skincare professionals. Columbia SkinCare has created a new category of products based on these concepts which may be used to enhance aesthetic procedures as well as maintain daily skin health. Our deep understanding of the science related to the functioning of the skin, and decades of experience creating unique and synergistic formulations containing peptides, active botanicals, and healthy bacteria that support skin renewal, are the keys behind Columbia SkinCare topical preparations.

Whether your goal is to create an essential daily skincare regimen or to enhance the results of some of the most popular skin care procedures, Columbia SkinCare products offer transformational results backed by clinically proven effective and safe products for use on your patients, clients and guests. We provide you with solutions that promote fortified, healthy skin so people you treat can look refreshed, healthy, and beautiful.

During the past few years we have seen the explosive (and exploitive) growth of the term HEALTH & WELLNESS. These trending buzzwords seem to be losing their meaning as they become bantered around by those seeking your attention. Let me be clear, Columbia SkinCare has been focused on the science of healthy skin way before the terms became a hashtag!

Today people are better informed, and less satisfied with the status quo in terms of maintaining healthy looking skin. This is a major reason why so many new skincare brands are introduced every year. It is also the reason why so many of these new brands fail. Paid influencers can deliver an initial sale, but the products they promote must deliver results or they will not reorder.

We are stalwart and passionate advocates for our customers and their pursuit of healthy, beautiful skin. For 150 years we have innovated skincare formulations that achieve the results we promise. We believe innovation comes with hard fought insight gathered by exhaustive research. We are proud of our history and our results. Our customers deserve nothing less than our best.



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